International Migrants Day 2021
Inauguration ceremony of the online platform designed for pre-departure preparation of labour migrants from Tajikistan

I want to go abroad

If you want to go abroad, we can help you make an informed decision.

 There is so much information out there on living and working abroad and how to get there. Surely you know someone who lives outside of Tajikistan: someone who went through a difficult journey to get there, who has faced troubles abroad and has been sent back. The Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) is here for you, to provide you and your family with the proper information to help you make your travel decisions.

We offer materials and training on a number of matters, including:

  • the processes and procedures involved in going abroad;
  • employment opportunities abroad;
  • education opportunities for Tajiks abroad;
  • your rights and duties as a migrant in destination countries;
  • socio-cultural norms and labour laws of destination countries;
  • the role of various institutions in the migration cycle;
  • how to protect yourself;
  • safe and successful return back to Tajikistan.

Be aware

Travelling without a visa, work permit or other legal documents or crossing the borders illegally is not a reasonable kind of decision. If you do not have all the legal documents you need for travelling abroad, you are putting yourself at a big risk. If you cross borders without having a visa for the country you are entering, you are breaking the law.

If you are travelling to the country with a free visa regime for Tajik citizens – please check the information about entry requirements, the purpose of the visa and duration of stay without registration, the necessity to register with local authorities, etc.

Be careful!

There are criminal groups operating and taking advantage of people who decide to travel illegally.

They promise to bring you to the country of your choice, but they do not tell you about the painful journey, about having to hide in trucks and experience other inhumane treatments. They do not tell you about not having the right to work upon your arrival in the new country, and about the possibility that all may have been for nothing because the country you arrive in sends you back to Tajikistan. They may make you lose all your savings on a wasted journey.

Other situations can put you at risk

Even if you travel abroad legally, if you stay over the validity of your visa/work permit, you will be an irregular migrant which may cause you legal consequences. Remember that you will always be in a vulnerable position if you do not have proper documentation or a valid permit. If you are in Russian Federation now, please register with local authorities until 15 June 2021 if you have not done so yet. More detailed information can be found here

Without legal permits, the authorities of the foreign country will expel you and return you to Tajikistan.

Criminal groups may also promise a job or another opportunity abroad. They may force their victims to do hard work without pay, or coerce them into other types of exploitation, including servitude or forced prostitution.

Watch out!

For more information, please contact the Pre-departure orientation centre of the migration service or Migrant Resource Centre in Dushanbe.



Who else can help

We work closely with all government and non-government agencies that provide informational support to citizens of Tajikistan who want to go abroad, who face troubles in another country or who want to return. We refer you to the right government agency or NGO’s which can help you in their area of expertise before, during and after your migration journey. The following list of institutes and services might be of interest to you: 


  • Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Russia:

The consulate of the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Russian Federation serves citizens of Tajikistan, provides support to solve their problems within the framework of the law and draws up documents (visas, passports, notary documents, certificates, etc.). Consulates General of Tajikistan operates in other regions of the Russian Federation. To find out more about the Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia and contacts of the Consulates General of Tajikistan, please go here


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan:

You can find the contacts of diplomatic and consular missions of Tajikistan abroad here

You can find a list of countries where Tajik citizens can travel without a visa here


  • Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan:

Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment is responsible for the provision of a safe, regular and orderly migration to the citizens of Tajikistan, before, during and after their migration. Based on the mentioned objective, MoLMEP:

  • provides methodical support of the development and implementation of targeted programmes to promote employment of job seekers and the unemployed, including through the development of entrepreneurship and self-employment.
  • takes the necessary measures to prevent and reduce informal employment, together with the relevant government authorities.
  • controls and coordinates the vocational guidance and professional consultation of youth and the unemployed according to the needs of the internal and external market.
  • submits proposals for the establishment of quotas for the employment of citizens in need of social protection and non-competitive in the labour market. 

More information on the work of the Ministry can be accessed here


  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan:

Ministry of Education and Science in Tajikistan assists in the nostrification of received documents on education abroad, as well as annually provides children of compatriots abroad and labour migrants with quotas for admission to universities in Tajikistan.


  • Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Republic of Tajikistan:

Ministry of Health and Social Protection surveys the presence of dangerous infectious diseases and then warns potential migrants on them, before and after their migration. The specialized centres of the ministry conduct information and explanatory sessions among the population of the country, including migrants, on ways of taking precautionary measures to avoid getting infected with infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other severe infectious diseases.

Instructions on what to do and where to go when you have COVID-19 symptoms can be accessed here and here


  • Migration Service of Republic of Tajikistan under the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population:

The Migration Service of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan is the authorized and coordinating body for internal (voluntary) migration, organizes and monitors the implementation of work in this process through its subordinate structures in GBAO, regions, cities and districts.

All important information related to migration issues can be found at the office of Migration Service. As the first step, the deported labour migrants and members of their families are recommended to contact the Migration Service of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan for information on the reasons for and duration of the ban. Afterwards, they should contact the Employment Centre of the Population in their area of residence and register themselves as unemployed to be able to receive employment opportunities. Please note that the Migration Service in Tajikistan has several branches across all areas of the country. The main office of Migration Service is located at 121 Ayni street in Dushanbe. To find out more about Migration Service please go here


  • Representation of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in Russian Federation on migration:

In Emergency cases and other issues related to your status as a migrant in Russian Federation, you can always approach the representative office, which is located in Moscow, Street 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 40/3 building 1, office 207 (Metro Station – Mayakovskaya).

Further information on the contact details can be found below:

  • Tel: Moscow - +7 (910) 443-6335, +7 (977) 488-8964, +7 (967) 271-0202, +7(495)967-98-44, +7(926)255-09-27, +7(968) 733 00 00, +7 (926) 462-6201, +7 (903) 597-1213, +7 (926) 876-9049.
  • Saint Petersburg - +7 (964) 373-7501
  • Yekaterinburg - +7 (982) 739-8998
  • Novosibirsk - +7 (965) 358-6161
  • Ufa - +7 (915) 488-3223
  • Krasnodar - +7 (929) 540-8888
  • Khabarovsk - +7 (909) 809-5548
  • Astrakhan - +7 (977) 272-0001

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on the representative office, please go here


  • State Agency for Employment Abroad under the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan:

The state agency provides qualified consulting and mediation services for the employment of Tajik citizens who have decided to find a job outside of their home country. The agency is also engaged in the organized recruitment of Tajik citizens to work in the enterprises active in Russian Federation, and other countries. Organizational recruitment centres are opened in four cities of the Republic of Tajikistan - in Dushanbe, Khujand, Khorog and Bokhtar. Information on legal employment can be accessed here


  • State Agency of Labour, Employment of Population, Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan:

The Labour and Employment Agency, within its functional duties, deals with labor protection issues, registration of sectoral and collective agreements and labor agreements at enterprises, institutions and organizations in cities, as well as at the regional and district levels. In addition, the Agency is authorized to solve the issues of professional orientation and employment of the population by assisting citizens in employment, vocational training and advanced training, providing financial support to the unemployed population, attracting them to paid social work, assigning and paying unemployment benefits. You can find about job vacancies in Tajikistan here


  • Passport and Registration Service (Ministry of Internal Affairs):

The task of the Passport and Registration Service of MIF of the Republic of Tajikistan includes all issues related to the issuance of an internal passport for citizens of Tajikistan (IC-identification card), ordinary passports for international travel, registration and extension of the validity of passports of foreign citizens and stateless persons and other services. More information can be accessed here


  • Public organization "Centre for Human Rights" in the Republic of Tajikistan:

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) is a republican, public association. The CHR operates throughout Tajikistan. Its office is located in Dushanbe. CHR is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Tajikistan working with labour migrants in close cooperation with State authorities and NGO partners. One of its main areas of activity is in the field of labour migration, where the CHR has more than 20 years of experience in managing migration issues. To find out more about CHR please go here


  • Dushanbe Impact Hub:

 It is the first remote employment centre in Dushanbe. The centre offers vocational training and cooperation with employers in the digital sector for adolescents and young people with limited access to sustainable employment. The centre provides young people with various services, including digital skills training, advice and support for searching and finding jobs on various freelance and online platforms in the field of digital technology, as well as linking with potential employers. In addition, the centre provides the opportunity for graduates to use the centre as a workplace for 3 months with the provision of free access to a computer and Internet for work. It should be noted that the centre is fully equipped with computers and Internet and it has 30 seats and a conference room. More information can be accessed here and here


  • StudyAbroad.TJ

Provides you with a free consultation, helps you with a scholarship, and directs you towards the right path based on your capabilities and needs to study abroad. Courses, grants, scholarships, degrees, majors and many more can be found here


  • Mercy Corps

In the framework of the project on migration, Mercy Corps Tajikistan has developed a mobile application to ease migrant's access to available services and information. You can download the app here


  • Helvetas

Developed a handbook on Safe Labour Migration in the Russian Federation, which can be accessed here.



Before you leave

The MRC in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Migration Service informs Tajik citizens about safe migration, whether it is for employment, settlement or education purposes. The informational materials and training programmes will present you with the benefits of regular migration and the dangers and other forms of consequences associated with irregular migration.

The materials will help you formulate your travel plans consciously and ensure your migration process goes smoothly. Our training courses and educational events cover the themes of safe migration, current migration trends and the social and economic benefits of migration. This information will also give you the basic knowledge on safe migration to succeed abroad. 


 Before leaving, you need to think about the 3 main aspects of migration and get information for yourself on:


  • Registration
  • Legalization
  • Employment contract
  • Consular and ambassadorial services
  • NGOs providing legal assistance


  • Migration costs
  • Patent costs
  • Work permits
  • Monthly patent fees
  • Language test costs
  • Accommodation and meals costs


  • Knowledge of language host country
  • Culture and traditions
  • Protect your health
  • Visiting public places with family members
  • Kindergartens and schools for your child
  • Relations with employers, Law enforcement agencies and emergency services
  • Use of banking services

Be safe

Are you planning to leave Tajikistan? Maybe for work, for studies or to join your family abroad? If you do, please consider the below points in order to stay safe and so that people cannot take advantage of you!

  1. Be Informed

Before deciding to migrate, find out as much as you can about the place where you will stay, about the work you will do, about other people who will go with you. Consult the Migrant Resource Centre materials. Talk to your friends and family, local authorities, and representatives of various NGOs.

  1. Migrate legally

Migrate only if you have all the required documents you need, including your visa and work permit. Illegal migration puts you under many risks, including exploitation for work without pay.

  1. Know the Recruiter

Do not trust everyone. Find out as much as you can about the recruitment agency that is assisting you in landing a job abroad. What is their reputation? Do they have a license for their work? Are they asking you to lie about yourself or to work without a contract? If in doubt, please reconsider your decision to work with such agencies. 

  1. Sign a Contract

Contracts are important! Ask to have a contract signed with the recruitment agency. When you find work, ask to have a contract signed with your employer. Without a contract, your work is not legal.

  1. Protect Your Documents

Keep your personal documents safe. Make photocopies of your passport, visa, work contract, etc. Keep the originals in a safe place and keep photocopies with yourself. Do not give your documents to other people and do not let anyone else keep them.

  1. In an Emergency

Be prepared. Always carry with you a list of important telephone numbers, including the local police, ambulance, fire department, your friends and family, your embassy or consular department, NGOs, trade unions, and migrant associations.

  1. Keep in touch with other people

Do not be alone. Keep regular contact with your friends and family back in your home country. Let them know if you are well and safe. Befriend and interact with other migrants. This way you can help and support one another.

  1. Protect yourself

If you have problems, talk to your supervisor at work first. If that does not help, reach out to the trade unions and NGOs to seek advice and protection. Finally, you can always report the problem to the authorities, for example, the Tajik Embassy, and ask for their protection.


What is a Migrant Resource Centre?

MRC in Dushanbe is an information centre that provides reliable and accessible information for the safe migration of migrants from Tajikistan. The MRC is established and managed jointly by the MoLMEP and ICMPD. Under the supervision and guidance of MoLMEP, the MRC is located in Dushanbe and closely cooperates with District Pre-Departure Centres of the Migration Service.

Under the framework the project “Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries” in Tajikistan aims to:

  • improve migration governance and mobility through the establishment of a responsive, efficient and sustainable Migrant Resource Centre (MRC);
  • reduce vulnerabilities and challenges faced by migrants in working and living abroad by providing them with adequate, timely and reliable information and guidance on migration.

MRC roles and functions:

  1. Development of a knowledge base on migration issues relevant to potential, intending, outgoing and returning migrants in Tajikistan, including pre-departure modules;
  2. Building capacity of the ministry staff in raising awareness on migration, providing pre-departure trainings and supporting returning migrants;
  3. Developing community outreach programmes to inform the Tajik people on migration issues, specifically also through the local government offices;
  4. Raising awareness on migration to a wider public through a (social) media campaign;
  5. Link with local stakeholders to develop a referral mechanism for migrants, i.e. for technical and vocational training, for reintegration support, etc.

Who can contact us?

Although our centre focuses on migrants and potential migrants, instead of contacting us directly we suggest visiting our official website and social media pages for any required information for migrants’ before and after departure to the receiving country. Additionally, we can refer them to any respective government agencies and other partners if need be.

Can the MRC secure a job abroad?

No, the MRC cannot secure a job abroad for you. MRC is a resource centre providing online information and guidance to migrants and referral. The MRC is not a job placement centre or recruitment agency.

Can the MRC get me a visa?

No, MRCs cannot provide visa facilitation. However, through our guiding information on our website and social media pages, you can learn about the steps of getting a visa.

Are you charging for your services?

No, all of our services are completely free of cost and are publicly available online on our webpage.

Can MRC conduct an orientation session for students?

Yes, MRC can conduct an orientation session for students from vocational and technical institutes, colleges and professional universities. MRC counsellor’s visit technical institutes, colleges and universities together with the representatives of the Ministry to hold awareness session on migration.

How can the MRC help me in migrating abroad?

The MRC can provide you with information that will be useful for you to make an informed decision about migrating.

Can MRC check who has a right to enter the territory of the Russian Federation as of January 2021?

No. MRC cannot check your passport data. You can check your passport data for the existence or non-existence of prohibition of entry to Russian Federation by visiting the site of GUVM Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation at: сервисы.гувм.мвд.рф

 You can find more information on admission rules into Russian Federation from the office of the Representation of the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Population in the Russian Federation under the MoLMEP or more details you can also find in our booklet. Download here:

Can I take the exam on Russian language proficiency, the history of Russia and the basic legislation of the Russian Federation at MRC?

No. You cannot take the exams at MRC.  You have the opportunity to take a test (exam) and get a "Certificate" at the branch of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in Dushanbe at 35/1 Bokhtar street. More details can be found here

Who is working for the MRC?

The MRC team comprises professionals who have vast experience in the field of migration, counselling and community engagement.  The team is led by MRC Coordinator and supported by MRC counsellors. 

Are you charging for your services?

No, all of our services are completely free of cost.

Contact us